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About XP

What is XP?

XP is turning aspiring gamers into serious competitors. With a focus on values and a common goal of winning, players are encouraged to commit to improvement in all areas of life. We hope that the principles we teach will attract universities to our players.

XP was founded by Esports enthusiasts from Northeast Ohio who want to express the values of traditional sports in the world of competitive Esports. We believe that all athletes should have a goal-oriented & winning attitude. We believe that health and wellness, as contributors to success, are equally important between Esports athletes and traditional sports athletes. Finally, we believe that we can instill these values in young people who want to engage in competitive Esports. There are almost 100 colleges in the US giving partial or full-ride scholarships to their varsity Esports athletes, and we are here to help players get to that level. Our experienced collegiate coaches follow a curriculum that re-introduces every aspect of the game from the eyes of a competitive player. This means that micro- and macro-play are improved for players of all levels. Each coaching session is specially tailored so that players are getting to fine-tune their skills, improve upon their weaknesses, and learn valuable life lessons at the same time.

Experienced Coaches

Our coaches here at XP are hand-picked, experienced collegiate Esports coaches.

All Done from Home

All coaching is done from the comfort of your home! Coaching sessions take place online through voice calls and screen sharing.

Collegiate Recruitment

Our staff will help you build a highlight portfolio as well as form connections with sponsoring universities and non-profits.

Our Games

League of Legends

Expert-formulated curriculum tailored to each student by experienced collegiate coaches.


Coming soon!

Don't See Your Game?

Let us know what games you want to see added to the curriculum next!

About Esports

What is Esports?

Esports, in short, is competitive video gaming. Competitors pilot in-game characters who battle on a virtual stage set for fans to watch from all around the world. Esports is a developing industry, whose professionalism and production is trending from pro-level gaming to youth and development. Interested in learning more about Esports such as; what kind of programs are offered, scholarship money, growth revenue, or professional leagues? Click ‘Read More!’ right below!



Interested in our services but still unsure? Take a look at what some of our clients have to say about us! We believe that testimonials are the most valuable when they are honest and unbiased. If you have something you’d like us to hear about our services, we encourage you  to send in a testimonial of your own!

“Rob taught me how to dive deeper into the game League of Legends. I started working with Rob at Platinum 2. After a short time of working with him I peaked masters, which is when I knew I was seeing a ton of improvement. From my time with him he seems very dedicated, passionate and willing to help anyone!”

Justin "Rekt by Kakarot" White

League of Legends

“Since I began working with Rob I’ve gained a lot of knowledge even after playing the game for so long. How to play the map, how to approach laning, and a different perspective on mental attitude and sportsmanship. I started around Diamond 3 when I met Rob and since then peaked right at challenger around 350LP. I believe if I continue working with Rob I can be even higher on the ladder.”

Yuriy "Sorlondo" Glukhov

League of Legends

Rob has been such a great help this season. He has put in countless hours helping me improve as a player and it has certainly paid off. At the beginning of the season, I started at Silver 3 and I have climbed to Platinum 4. It is the highest rank I have gotten so far! Rob is very dedicated to coaching and making sure that your experience is fun. He is a great leader and has taught me to be a better player.”

Cameron "Cdog3clippers" Maroney

League of Legends

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League of Legends Coaching

* Academy Status grants members active status on one of XP’s competitive rosters. This gives members the chance to play in a competitive environment with other members in scrimmages or tournaments with or against experienced collegiate players.

XP Blogs


Interested in what is going on with XP Academy or inside the world of Esports!? Yes? Then you’ve come to the right place. We’re excited to share our journey as well as our opinions of all things Esports!

About XP

Meet the Team

Meet the dedicated individuals behind XP Academy!  Our team is comprised of young professionals who aspire to impact the world of Esports and its availability to young people who share that same passion.

Kait "Roxa" Borges


Kait is an Esports enthusiast as well as an athlete. She has over 8 years of high school and colliegate sports experience.

Email: kaitborges@xpacademy.gg

Zach "Trifolge" Mutch


Zach is a lifelong gamer and Esports enthusiast. He has over 7 years of health and fitness experience.


Email: zachmutch@xpacademy.gg

Robert "Diddy" Vedda

Owner / Head Coach

Robert is a lifelong gamer and Esports enthusiast as well as an athlete. He has 6 years of high school and collegiate sports experience, 1 year of highschool sports coaching, and 1 year of collegiate Esports coaching.

Email: robertvedda@xpacademy.gg